One of the most underrated aspects of an individual planning on their own is simply looking at what comes in and what goes out during a giving month. For many, by simply taking a look at spending and really getting a handle on their monthly budget, they are able to find the money needed to fund some of their future goals.  This will be an integral part of the process for us as it will not only help us find where money could be made available for other goals, but it will aid in the discussion about our feelings and emotions around money that drive many of our spending decisions.  

This process is not about telling you all the things you will have to give up in order to achieve something else, it will however help identify what things are truly important for you and what spending decisions you could do without if needed to achieve a longer term goal.  For some, the adjustments are minimal if needed at all, for others it can be a struggle.  As your teammate, I will help you navigate the ups and downs of making changes.